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The Right Automotive Copy is EVERYTHING

Products for cars are awesome because…. CARS ARE AWESOME!  Whether it’s the $5 fuel treatment or the $5000 suspension package, buying products for our cars excites us and elevates our sense of ownership no matter what we drive.  Or what products we buy!

As a marketing director or product designer and supplier, you’re constantly analyzing if your products and clients are getting the kind of traction they deserve.  If we look under the hood, taking the checkered flag always comes down to right content.

Are you looking to demonstrate the value, benefits and profitability of your product to a prospective vendor within the automotive industry?  Or are you goals exclusively customer facing?  In either case:

I will write the material that get’s it done!

How do I know?

I’ve been doing it for myself and my past partners for over a decade.  

With 15 years in the trenches as an automotive technician and restorative artist, I’ve come to understand the nuances of assembly, product features and benefits and how that translates into sales.  Record breaking sales.  But it doesn’t come from a great automotive product alone.  You need the compelling sales copy. 

I have smashed sales records within my own niche – restored vintage 4×4’s –  from creating the kind of sales copy which accurately and passionately described the trucks I built by hand.  

Luxury cars or custom cam’s, you need the kind of content that tells your brand and products story.  It needs to be relevant, create interest, understanding and desire.

And the big secret is: the desire is already there!  You simply have to get the kind of content that reminds prospective customers of why.  

If you’re looking to capitalize on this energetic market, I am ready to help you!

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